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Monday, June 1, 2009

We're back!

On Sunday, I spent about 45 minutes with my fiancee staring at this wonderful capybara, face to face, almost nose-to-nose! People would come up and express surprise and shock at the giant rodent. "Is it a rat, mommy?" "No, dear, it's a ca-pee-bah-rahh?" That sort of thing. Thankfully, we were able to correct many of the visitors' misconceptions about the most wonderful of all creatures. I think the zoo should hire us to give capybara lectures.

Life has been challenging for the capybara that runs this blog lately, between trying to plan a wedding with his fiancee, finishing his last term of classes (ever!), and working on his PhD thesis. But thankfully, a trip to the Franklin Park Zoo with remind him what is really important -- his fellow capybaras.

The zoo was wonderful and I encourage you to check out all of the photos -- none are as wonderful as the capybara, of course, but many come close!

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